At a Glance

  1. Education, food and basic medicines are provided free of cost as per our Indian tradition.
  2. Acharyas and Shishyas are learning and living together and helps students in each and every step through Hrudaya samvada.
  3. Senior students teaching younger students.
  4. Guru Shishya Parampara.
  5. Panchamukhi Shikshana – Veda, Yoga, Krishi, Vijnana and Kala Koushala.
  6. Blend of both Ancient education with modern information – combination of Vedas, Shashtras and modern subjects like physics, mathematics etc.
  7. Holistic education – overall development of child.
  8. The period of education in Gurukulam is twelve years.
  9. The language of teaching is Sanskrit.
  10. Learning with spiritual outlook.
  11. Enrichment of information doing with enhancement of the assimilation capacity.
  12. Language taught English, Hindi and Kannada.
  13. The curriculum designed and capsulated by eminent educationists who also guide the day to day activities.
  14. Extra facilities to study literature, music and creative art supported with equipped library.
  15. Self study, Self thinking, Self disciplined and Self reliance.
  16. Education is for gaining knowledge not for certificate.
  17. Three formulas
    • Prayoga (experiment)
    • Parisheelam (Examine)
    • Parishkara ( Revision)