Higher Education

The children are getting basic knowledge in all the fields of Panchamukhi Shikshana within 5 years. After that they continue their higher studies which are only meant for Shashtra Adhyayana.

As we know that Vedas are the sources of knowledge of mankind. It is applicable to the present future and forever. In the scientific and technical age they can solve many of our problems which we face in our day to day life.

Vedas are given by the ancestors to the world. We had the golden time when Vedas were studied by everyone irrespective of cast, creed and sex etc, but now this type of Bhramhavaadini parampara is decaying in our society. It is the greatest need and responsibility to preserve and continue our Vedic culture. For this the women folk had to take the great venture. By keeping this in view we started higher education for girls.


For first three years, we will introduce the basic concepts of Sanskrit Vyakarana(grammar), Vedantha, Yoga, Nyaya, Poorva meemamsa, Chandas and Niruktha etc.

After three years, on the basis of above knowledge student can select any Shastra of her interest for deep studies and also she can opt one kala ( art) for her special practice.

At present we have Vedantha, Vyakarana and Niruktha shastras for higher studies.

In the final year, she can get art of teaching by doing Adhyapana as her service to Gurukula.

There is a facility to get degree from other universities.


The student who have completed five years of education in Gurukulam – selected by the Mathrushree and Acharyas on the basis of their interest and capability

Students who have completed SSLC exam and who have the basic knowledge of Sanskrit can apply and they are selected by interviews.