Our Goal

Gurukulam concept is not a new one. Swami Dayananda, Rabindranantha Tagore, Shri Aurobondo, Mahatma Gandhi and many other thinkers have worked on it. They tried to create concrete models out of their concepts. By studying all these concepts we tried to develop an integrated approach for harmonious blending of thoughts and practices handed over to us by ancient sages and modern thinkers of India. The fortune of the country demands that we urgently address ourselves to this vital and noble cause.

It is obvious that when this experiment is successful and the Gurukulam education is standardized, it will offer a working model. And the current education system will be compelled to adopt the new model helping the whole student community. This experiment will bring is a silent revolution that helps the country to regain its past glory. Eventually, this experiment will also benefit the world by presenting a meaningful and worthwhile alternate functioning model to rectify the current slowly decaying education system and as a means to reverse the trend of decline of moral values.