Deeksharambha (Mantropadesha)

At the time of joining to Gurukula each child has to go through one religious function “Deeksharambha” (mantropadesha) in which a student is given mantropadesha by elders and “Prathamapatha” (First lesson) by the eminent scholars in any shastra in front of “Agni”(God of fire)

Deekshanta (Samavarthana)

While a student’s completes her twelve years education in Gurukula there will be “Deekshanta” where she seek blessings from elders to start Adhyapana (teaching) in the society.

Evaluation methods

As it is Gurukula there are no examinations like formal schools. But we have our own method to study the progress of every child continuously.

For the first five years we have adopted a new scientific method of “Jnanavikasanaavalokana” by which each student can evaluate her intellectual abilities(IQ) and there is another method “Nityavalokana” and “Varshikaavalokana” by which each student can evaluate her emotional abilities (EQ).

In higher education we evolved the traditional method of “Shalaka Pareeksha” and “Gahatika Pareeksha” for Shastravalokana. On the basis of these methods we have adopted a new method “Shastraparamya Pareeksha” where a student should study a whole Grantha and ready to tell the answer to the questions raised by eminent scholars of that particular field.