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A group of social workers and educationists such as late N.Krishanappaji – Pracharak of R.S.S, late Dr. Upendra Shenoy – Child educationist, late Dr. Bharati Ramanaacharya – Hindi professor of Bangalore university reviewed threadbare the effectiveness of the present education system. They observed that, unfortunately, a great civilization and culture have been successfully suppressed by the current self-defeating and self-destructive system of education though Britishers left Bharatha 70 years ago. They identified the drawbacks of the present education system. The unanimous opinion was that the “Bharatiyate (Indianness)” and right value education were completely absent in the current education system.

They came to the conclusion that the education system has to be useful to the participants, people and society at large. The question was how could it be achieved? They noted that Gurukula system of education is right alternative. So, they decided to start Gurukulam devoted to the education of girls. This has led to the inception of Maithreyee Gurukulam.

The main intention of starting Gurukulam for girls is to start from the root of a society and carry the social transformation all around. As girls and latter these “well equipped” girls as women form the bedrock of any social transformation, they are pivotal for a family, a society, a nation and humanity.

To support this noble cause, late Parameshwaramma, who had a large track of land, donated the land for this unique Kanya Gurukulam. This Gurukulam was named “Maithreyee Gurukulam”. The Ajeya Trust, inspired by the ideals of Rashtriya Swayamsevaka Sangh, runs this Gurukulam.

Gurukula was started on the Guru Poornima day of Ashadha Shukla in the year Bhava Samvatsara (22.07.1994). It has completed its 23 years of humble service to the women education and now is in the 24th year. At present there are 97 girls in the Gurukulam hailing from 29 districts of Karnataka – two from M.P, two from Gujarat, one from Tamil Nadu and one from Hyderabad.

Gurukula was founded under the patronage of Hindhu Seva Prathishtana and with the support of Ajeya Trust which is a public register trust.

This is located in the present locality of Moorkaje village which is 40 kms away from Manglore – Dakshina Kannada district – Karnataka state – India.